Guard Phone

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Guard Phone

The new GPS alarm guard tour system includes:

  • GPS
  • Read tags
  • Real-time transmit data
  • Photo & Video upload
  • Hand-write event
  • Attendance

Has a protection grade of IP 68 and passed the coal mine safety explosion-proof certification


  • High precision GPS
  • GPRS real time data transmission
  • Emergency alarm function
  • Camera: Rear 5 million & 2 megapixel front hd camera
  • Voice intercom: support single call, group call & group half duplex intercom (push to talk)
  • Communication mode- USB (No need driver just plug and play)
  • 3000mAh rechargeable lithium battery
  • Reading mode: RFID, QR code
  • Customization (access to modify hardware and software)



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