Portable Tracker

Portable Tracker

M700 is a portable GPS Tracking device, with compact in size, easy mounting or hiding by magnetic base for installation to the metal part of a vehicle. With the superior GPS, GSM/GPRS modules on board, ultra-low standby power consumption, IP 67 rated water proof feature in outdoor environment; M700 provides the best choice to your GPS vehicle tracking application, with its reliability, convenience and flexibility.

Our asset locator product is designed for advanced asset tracking and location based applications, provides enhanced functionality via the products’ long life power, approximately up to 3 years, very easy installation and wide range of applications caterer. The capabilities provided by the asset locator family can greatly reduce an enterprises financial losses incurred as a result of the often difficult task of successfully tracking equipment such as trailers containers and trains. The capabilities provided by the asset locator family greatly reduce an enterprises financial losses incurred as a result of the often difficult task of successfully tracking equipment such as trailers, containers and trains.

Key features:

  • Full set of fleet & asset tracking features
  • Standalone, self-powered tracking device
  • Rechargeable or non-rechargeable battery available
  • Advanced power management
  • Up to 3 years without charging
  • Easy installation/no installation

Asset locator offers the following advanced features:

  • Durability and long life making it ideal for tracking trailers, containers, high value assets and more.
  • Stand-alone self-powered tracking devices
  • Advanced power management algorithms preserving battery power and extending battery life period
  • Highly durable IP67 and IP65 weatherproof casing that houses all components – battery, GSM module and GPS module
  • A 3D accelerometer that detects movement of assets and enables different transmission rates for a moving asset and a standing asset
  • A programmable (ON/OFF/Test/Panic) push button, charging and communication capabilities, a tamper switch to detect tampering and two monitoring LEDS.
  • Minimal maintenance. Easy installation, including built in zip tie holes and optional magnetic cradle

Latest GPS tracking software, mapping and full range of reports:

Real-Time Tracking on Powerful Mapping:

The system provides rich and user-friendly interface to track a vehicles on Powerful mapping and gets status information quickly. Several innovative tools allow you to search for a vehicle, calculated the expected time of arrival and play back the historical data to get a detailed understanding of your vehicle activities. Spatial clustering allow fleet managers to see an entire fleet of thousands of vehicles on one screen and drill down to a single vehicle with high loading speed.

Powerful Automated Reports:

This system offers a flexible reporting engine with a full suite of reports, ranging from Quick Snapshot Summary to a very detailed and high level minute by minute journey report. Run reports by vehicle, fleet, and driver or based on a location. All are generated in an easy-to-read format that can be printed, saved or exported to any standard document formats (Excel, PDF, Word, XML etc). Most reports allow you to jump to the detailed map view in one click; you can also save your setup for one-click reporting.

Alerts & Driver Performance Indication:

This system helps you gain valuable business insight with its real-time alerting for Idling, Speeding, Stoppage, etc. It allows you to enter business rules and receive notifications of violations so you can control your business without spending a lot of time poring over reports or clicking on maps. Alerts can be defined on: Vehicle Idle time, Speeding, Late Starts, Engine Over-Time and Maintenance Dates.