Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme​


FORS is a voluntary accreditation scheme for fleet operators, which aims to raise the level of quality within fleet operations and to demonstrate which operators are achieving exemplary levels of best practice in safety, efficiency and environmental protection.



Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme​

There are three levels of FORS accreditation


Good operators demonstrating lawfulness and best practice – this is the entry level of accreditation


Silver accreditation indicates a commitment to improving safety, environmental impact, and efficiency.


Gold is the highest level, requiring evidence of ongoing improvements in safety, environmental impact, and efficiency.


The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme​ Standard sets out the requirements you need to meet in order to attain and maintain your accreditation. This should be read in conjunction with the Rules and Procedures manual and FORS Terms and Conditions.

Stand Out From The Crowd

Imagine being a transport buyer. Would you choose an operator with an unknown safety record, or one with FORS accreditation, proving their commitment to safety and best practices? The choice is clear. FORS helps you stand out, showcasing your dedication to road safety and sustainability.

Improve Your Road Safety Record

FORS offers professional training that equips managers and drivers with the skills to improve road safety. This training helps reduce collision risks, especially with vulnerable road users, and can even lead to lower insurance premiums.

Reduce Fuel Consumption , Increase Efficiency

FORS provides training and tools focused on environmental best practices. This includes advice on the latest technologies and systems, promoting defensive and economic driving, ultimately reducing fuel costs and increasing operational efficiency.

Ensure Compliance

Using FORS Affinity Partner products, you can easily meet legal obligations and remain compliant with FORS standards. The FORS Fleet Management System offers a comprehensive platform for managing vehicles, drivers, and overall operations efficiently.

Greater Industry Know-How And Networking Opportunities

FORS membership offers access to regular updates, training opportunities, and industry events. This keeps you informed about industry changes and provides networking opportunities with other professionals, enhancing your industry knowledge and connections.


The following is a list of the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme​ safety equipment required for vehicles over 3.5T for each level of FORS accreditation Bronze, Silver and Gold.

  • Bronze Requirements
    -Class V and VI mirrors
    -Side under-run protection on both sides
    -Warning signage for vulnerable road users
  • Silver Requirements
    -Left turn audible alerts
    -Reverse audible alerts
    -Direct and indirect vision aids
    -Camera monitor systems
    -Ultrasonic obstacle detection

FORS for Bus and Coach Operators

  • Specific Requirements
    Bus and coach operators must meet all FORS standard requirements. Specific requirements include policies and equipment for safe stowage, compliance with stowage documentation, and ensuring that luggage and vehicle equipment do not endanger anyone.
  • Load Safety for PCV
    Ensuring safe loading within legal limits is crucial. This includes having policies and equipment for the safe stowage of luggage and other items.
  • Safety Equipment for Larger Vehicles
    Vehicles designed to carry more than 16 passengers must have blind spot warning signage to protect vulnerable road users.
Frequently Asked Questions

FORS is a voluntary certification for fleet operators that promotes safety, efficiency, and environmental sustainability.

FORS provides training and tools that help reduce collision risks and improve overall road safety.

Costs vary depending on the level of accreditation and the size of your fleet. Contact FORS for specific pricing details.

The time frame depends on your current practices and how quickly you can implement the required standards. Generally, it can take several months to achieve accreditation.

FORS offers regular updates, training opportunities, and access to industry events to support continuous improvement and compliance.

Absolutely! FORS accreditation can benefit operators of all sizes. Small fleet operators can gain a competitive edge, improve safety, and enhance operational efficiency through FORS standards and support.