As a new company stemming from an established accounting firm, the client initially sought out DP Solutions for help implementing an IT infrastructure for the new business. The president and co-owner explained that he, “engaged a few firms to do this role, each with various levels of experience, but there was no one who even came close to DP Solutions.”

As the company began working more and more with DP Solutions, they became acclimated to DP Solutions’ exceptional style of service and the relationship, and their firm, continued to grow.

As the firm expanded, so did the amount of files and accounts. According to the president, “Our workload consists of massive amounts of paper records. It’s very paper intensive and deadline intensive.” Therefore, the company needed a solution that would allow them to have remote, paperless access to all of their data, whether they were in the office or if they were working from home.

The president had some technology experience and managed the IT for the company over a long period of time, but, as he explained, “technology was getting way ahead of me, and my interest level as well. We knew that we were not doing the company a service by continuing to having me handle our IT.”


According to DP Solutions’ Director of Sales, “Our client was looking for a solution that would allow them to have remote access to all of their data, whether they were in the office, working from home, or working from another location. WorkSpace allowed them to do that.” Jefferson Eckles, DP Solutions’ Business Process Manager, explains that, “WorkSpace benefits small to medium sized businesses. It lets them set up simple file access, application access, and e-mail on a predictable monthly budget without having to build out their own IT infrastructure.”


The president loves WorkSpace, stating that, “I might as well be here at my desk from a productivity standpoint because we’re now paperless. Almost everything that we do is scanned and goes straight into the cloud – WorkSpace and is accessible from any point whether I’m sitting here at my desk or whether I’m at a hotel.”

Jefferson Eckles describes a DP Solutions’ best practice; “we pride ourselves, when setting up a solution like WorkSpace for a customer, that the cutover is seamless in such a way that there’s no downtime.” To exemplify this, Kathy Campbell, DP Solutions’ Cloud Services Engineer, remembers an incident that occurred during the cutover. “I was working on a Sunday, the day before the roll out, and I was e-mailing the president, and he was responding because he was in the office getting things ready to go. He ran into some problems and we were able to get them resolved beforeMonday.”

DP Solutions’ Director of Sales explains that, “it’s challenging and exciting to meet with a customer, solve their issues, and have them be better off because we’re a part of their team; that’s exciting to me.” DP Solutions strives for excellent customer care while providing the most elite levels of IT for each of their clients.