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Thandi coaches

Thandi coaches:

Thandi coaches wanted to deal with a number of issues on their bus and coach fleet. These included:

  • Monitoring drivers and vehicles to improve efficiency
  • Monitor other road traffic to reduce down time and lateness
  • Verifying the number of passengers being carried against the fares collected
  • Reduce the amount of vandalism on their buses.

A solution was implemented in which 4 cameras per vehicle were installed. These were focussed on the passenger entry/exit door, the driver, the upper deck and the lower deck of the vehicle. The system provided a dual capability with regards to viewing video information; firstly the on-board digital video recorder (DVR) recorded all the data on its secure hard disk. Secondly, the DVR was fitted with a 3G streaming option which allowed the bus operating Company to remotely monitor live video feeds at any time. This remote 3G connectivity provides facilities to review recorded footage whilst the vehicle is in service, and to change settings on the system if required.

The system immediately produced outstanding results:

  • Revenues overall increased by approximately 30%
  • Revenue on some vehicles increased by £150 per day
  • Vandalism on tour coaches significantly reduced

Thandi coaches have been very pleased with the results of the system which paid for itself in a matter of just a few weeks.