• Enhanced Safety: The package is designed to increase road safety by reducing incidents involving pedestrians and cyclists with heavy goods vehicles (HGVs).
  • Compliance with DVS: The package helps HGVs comply with the Direct Vision Standard (DVS), a legislative system designed to quantify the degree of visibility available to HGV drivers.
  • Advanced Technology: The package uses advanced technology like AI cameras and visual alert monitors to improve driver visibility.
  • Versatile Alerts: The package offers a variety of alerts (visual, auditory, turn alerts) to keep the driver informed.
  • Night-Time Silencers: The package includes night-time silencers to avoid disturbances during the night.

Direct Vision Standard 2024

The Direct Vision Standard Compliance Package is designed to ensure your fleet meets the stringent requirements of the Direct Vision Standard (DVS) regulations. This comprehensive package includes advanced safety equipment and modifications tailored to enhance visibility and reduce blind spots for drivers. By upgrading your vehicles with our package, you’ll not only comply with legal requirements but also significantly improve road safety for all users. Stay ahead of regulations and protect your fleet with our reliable DVS compliance solutions.

Our Compliance Package goes beyond basic requirements to offer enhanced safety features that make a tangible difference. Each package includes high-quality mirrors, cameras, and sensors specifically chosen to improve driver visibility and reduce blind spots. Additionally, we provide detailed installation services and ongoing support to ensure that your vehicles remain compliant and safe.

By choosing our package, you’ll benefit from:

  • Seamless Integration: Your existing vehicle systems are designed to smoothly integrate with equipment.
  • Expert Installation: Professional installation ensures optimal performance and compliance.
  • Regulatory Assurance: Meets all current DVS regulations to avoid fines and penalties.
  • Enhanced Safety: The features aim to protect vulnerable road users and improve overall road safety.
  • Ongoing Support: Access to expert advice and support for any compliance or safety queries.

Ensure your fleet not only meets but exceeds safety standards with our Direct Vision Standard Compliance Package. Contact us to get your package.

Enhancing Road Safety with Advanced Visibility

The Direct Vision Standard Compliance Package is a comprehensive solution designed to enhance road safety. Equipped with advanced features like pedestrian detection AI cameras, visual alert monitors, and in-cab speakers, this package ensures optimal visibility for HGV drivers. Compliant with the Direct Vision Standard (DVS), it’s your partner in making the roads safer.

Drive with Confidence, Drive with Visibility

Step into the future of road safety with the Direct Vision Standard Compliance Package. This package integrates advanced technology and versatile alerts to provide HGV drivers with unparalleled visibility. With features like all-in-one turn alerts and night-time silencers, it’s designed for the driver’s convenience. Stay compliant with DVS and drive with confidence.