Neat-sound programmable alarm is one of most bespoke and cost effective lines. A glass-filled nylon housing with electronics that provide exceptional durability and protection against moisture, dust and vibration. Intelligent models measure the ambient noise level and adjust their output level and create a volume that is safe without being annoying or contributing to noise pollution. Memory capacity is 3.95 MB.

NC-SP Back-up Alarm - Ensuring Safety with Advanced Technology!”

The NC-SP Back-up Alarm is a state-of-the-art vehicle safety device designed to provide the highest level of performance. This alarm system uses advanced digital Signal Processor (DSP) control online double conversion technology. With its minimal environmental impact and high efficiency, the NC-SP is one of the most efficient alarm systems available. It’s designed to supply loads for both leading and lagging without de-rating, meeting the needs of capacitive loads such as next-generation servers.

“Drive with Confidence with the NC-SP Back-up Alarm!”

Enhance your vehicle’s safety with the NC-SP Back-up Alarm. This alarm system is equipped with an IGBT rectifier and is designed to provide an output power factor equal to 1. It’s compatible with TeleNetGuard for remote monitoring and comes with advanced multi-platform communications for all operating systems and network environments. The NC-SP Back-up Alarm is your reliable partner for a secure and safe driving experience. .