• Vehicle IR Day/Night Mini Dome Camera
  • Megapixel CMOS Sensor
  • Megapixel HD lens with Smart IR-Cut
  • Megapixel Lens Optional:2.5/2.8/3.6mm etc.
  • Signal Transmission distance:500 Meters
  • With OSD, Multi languages display
  • Excellent performance in colour reproduction, High resolution
  • IP66 Water Proof & Vandal proof housing, Resistant to water burst cleaning process
  • Viewing Angle adjustment with adaptor 00,150,250 for optional
  • Easy Installation Mechanical Design
  • Dimension: D73*H49mm For CM7

Uncompromising Clarity, Unmatched Durability

The NC7IR Metal Dome Camera is the ideal surveillance solution for vehicles and other demanding environments. This mini dome camera boasts a megapixel CMOS sensor and megapixel HD lens, capturing crisp and detailed footage in both day and night conditions. With Smart IR-Cut technology, the camera seamlessly transitions between day and night vision, ensuring optimal image quality around the clock. The NC7IR is built tough, featuring an IP66-rated water and vandal-proof housing that can withstand weather extremes and attempted vandalism. This makes it perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications where reliable security is paramount.

Discreet Protection, Complete Confidence

The NC7IR Metal Dome Camera provides discreet yet powerful surveillance for your vehicle or property. Its compact, mini dome design allows for subtle installation without compromising on functionality. The megapixel sensor and lens deliver exceptional image resolution, enabling you to clearly identify objects and people even in challenging lighting conditions. The NC7IR is a breeze to install, thanks to its user-friendly mechanical design. Furthermore, the camera offers an adjustable viewing angle for customized coverage, ensuring you capture the most critical areas. With its exceptional image quality, durability, and ease of use, the NC7IR Metal Dome Camera provides the peace of mind you deserve.