This is a high quality Color Using the latest CMOS technology, the camera can produce high resolution with little distortion.

AHD (Analog High Definition) is a high video definition standard, through the coaxial cable, using the analog modulation technology to transfer progressive-scan HD Video signal. AHD system is the same as a traditional analog system , using common 75-3 coaxial cable to carry out as far as 500 meters HD video without any video signal loss. The coin-size bullet type camera monitor can be used in the car for the front/size/backward monitoring. The camera is easy to install and to adjust viewing angle. It is suitable for use as vehicle auxiliary monitoring.

High megapixel, 720P, 12VDC, NTSC

The Tiny Camera with Big Vision

The NCV6 is a miniaturized powerhouse, packing a high-resolution 720P camera with AHD technology into a discreet coin-sized design. This versatile camera utilizes the latest CMOS sensor to deliver exceptional color quality with minimal distortion. The AHD system transmits high-definition video signals over traditional coaxial cables, ensuring up to 500 meters of transmission distance without sacrificing video clarity. The NCV6’s compact size makes it ideal for various applications, particularly as a vehicle auxiliary monitoring system. Its easy installation and adjustable viewing angle allow for quick and precise placement to capture the perfect vantage point. Whether you need a front, side, or rear view camera, the NCV6 provides a reliable and discreet solution for enhanced situational awareness.

See More, Secure More with the NCV6 Mini Bullet Camera

Don’t let its small size fool you; the NCV6 mini bullet camera is a reliable guardian for your security needs. Equipped with a high-resolution 720P CMOS sensor, the NCV6 delivers crisp and clear color images, ensuring you capture every detail. AHD technology takes image clarity a step further, enabling high-definition video transmission over existing coaxial cables for distances up to 500 meters. The NCV6’s miniature size makes it perfect for covert installations, while its easy adjustability allows you to achieve the optimal viewing angle. This versatility makes the NCV6 ideal for various applications, including vehicle monitoring systems. Whether you’re looking for a front, side, or rear view camera, the NCV6 provides a discreet and dependable solution for keeping an eye on your surroundings.