• Dual SIM: Reduces roaming costs and ensures constant connectivity.
  • CAN Data Reading: Supports FMS CAN data (J1939), fuel CAN data (J1708), and more for comprehensive vehicle monitoring.
  • Tachograph Live Data: Provides real-time access to tachograph files and data via K-Line.
  • RS232/RS485 Support: Allows for seamless integration with various third-party devices.
  • Fuel Level and Temperature Monitoring: Offers precise tracking of fuel consumption and temperature via LLS sensors.
  • Remote Tachograph File Download: Enables remote management of tachograph files for efficient fleet operations.

Track with Precision, Manage with Ease

NTB640 Professional Tacho Tracker” The NTB640 is the epitome of efficiency and reliability in professional fleet management. With its advanced features like dual SIM connectivity, comprehensive CAN data reading, and real-time tachograph data access, it ensures that your fleet operates at peak performance. Its robust design and support for various third-party devices make it an indispensable tool for businesses that demand the best in vehicle tracking technology.

Navigate the Future, Secure Your Fleet

NTB640 Professional Tacho Tracker” Embrace the future of fleet management with the NTB640 Professional Tacho Tracker. Its cutting-edge technology provides unparalleled accuracy in tracking and monitoring, ensuring that every journey is accounted for. With features like fuel level and temperature monitoring, as well as remote tachograph file downloads, you can maintain control over your fleet from anywhere in the world. The NTB640 is not just a tracker; it’s a guardian of your assets.