Video Telematics Solutions

Neatcom video telematics  solutions leverage the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) to transform your transportation and fleet management operations. Our comprehensive system equips you with the tools to

Video Telematics Solutions ​

Our platform is user-friendly and features straightforward pricing, ensuring comprehensive support every step of the way. Optimize fleet safety and incident management with our NeatCom Video Telematics solutions.

Enhance Driver Safety with GPS Video Telematics in Your Fleet

Leveraging driver behavior analysis is invaluable, and integrating GPS Video Telematics in your fleet adds crucial context to incidents. This technology provides a clearer understanding of events, allowing you to view footage from before and after an incident, offering insights into its cause and potential prevention strategies.

Key Components

Neatcom's video telematics solutions

Video Cameras with Optional ADAS

High-definition cameras capture footage inside and outside the vehicle, providing a clear view of the driving environment.

Telematics Sensors

These intelligent sensors collect critical vehicle data, including speed, acceleration, braking, and GPS location.

Communication Network

Data seamlessly travels from cameras and sensors to a centralized platform via a secure cellular or other communication network.

Benefits of Neatcom Video Telematics Solutions in IoT

Experience the transformative power of data-driven fleet management. Contact us today to learn how Neatcom can help your business thrive.

  • Cloud-Based Platform
    Access your data anytime, anywhere. Our cloud platform stores and processes information, making it readily available to fleet managers and authorized personnel.
  • Data Analytics
    Our powerful analytics engine extracts valuable insights from video footage and telematics data, empowering you to make data-driven decisions.
  • Customer Service Improvement
    Verify deliveries and service details with video evidence, leading to better customer experiences and faster dispute resolution.
  • Incident Investigation
    Investigate near-miss events, customer complaints, and other incidents effectively with video evidence for swift resolution.
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Unlock the Benefits

Experience the transformative power of data-driven fleet management. Contact us today to learn how Neatcom can help your business thrive.

Driver Safety

Promote safe driving habits with real-time coaching and identify risky behaviors for targeted training interventions.

Accident Reconstruction

In case of an incident, video evidence provides clear context for faster and fairer resolution

Training and Coaching

Identify areas for improvement and provide targeted coaching to enhance driver skills.

Theft Prevention

Deter theft and vandalism with real-time video monitoring of vehicles and cargo.

Operational Efficiency

Optimize routes, reduce fuel consumption, and improve overall fleet performance.

Compliance and Regulation

Ensure adherence to regulations like driver hours-of-service with detailed logs and audit trails