NC-4PD-Proximity Detection System

NC-4PD-Proximity Detection System

  • Truck/Trailer Rear 4 Parking Sensor System
  • Sensor detection range: 0cm~2.5m
  • Display range: 45cm~2.5m
  • Advanced self-diagnosis with error indication
  • Improved anti-interference function
  • All weather design, waterproof ranked: IP68
  • 4*UMP SmartSensor module built in sensor, fit for metal tube bumper use
  • DSP01 display, 3 color LED 4 channel w/ buzzer built-in & digital readout
  • Power Input: 10~35V DC

The Vehicle Detection System is strictly meant as a driver aid,
and the driver is still responsible for SAFE and CORRECT driving.

What is Vehicle Detection System?
The Vehicle Detection System is a modern supervisory system that uses
ultrasonic technology to eliminate blind spots for commercial vehicle drivers.
The functional principle is based upon the ultrasonic echo-transit time method.
Each of the sensors will emit a steady intermitting ultrasonic signal.
The sensors operate as both transmitters and receivers, which will receive the
beamed and reflected ultrasonic signals from possible obstacles.

How does it work?
The Vehicle Detection System can be fitted to the FRONT, CORNER,
SIDE and BACK of the vehicle. The FRONT, CORNER and SIDE system can
be activated by low speed or turning indicator through an extra control module.
The BACK system can be activated by engaging reverse gear. When the system
is activated, the sensors will constantly scan the surroundings of the vehicle and
if there is any obstacle detected, the in-cabin buzzer or display will send
progressive visual and audible warnings to the driver. The driver shall then pay
extra attention to the hazard area and maneuver the vehicle accordingly.
The system can also be added with optional external warning alarms or warning
lights so other road users in close proximity will be effectively informed of
possible danger too.

Why is it better?
Compared to the traditional way of eliminating blind spots, i.e. checking mirrors
for hazard area, the Vehicle Detection System will constantly scan the
surroundings of the vehicle and send the driver both visual and audible warnings.
Therefore, the driver will have more time looking ahead and checking the mirrors.
In busy traffic, the surroundings can dramatically change in the blink of an eye
and the system will be a great aid for the driver. Additionally, external warning
alarms and warning lights will inform other road users such as cyclists and
pedestrians to proactively keep distance from the vehicle and therefore avoid

What is it compatible with?
The systems come with IP69K ECU box and IP68 sensors and connectors,
so they are suitable for all types of commercial vehicles such as HGVs, LGVs,
vans and buses. The 12/24Vdc dual voltage feature means that they can be
connected to vehicles with either 12V or 24V power supply.