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Direct Vision Standard

DVS Safe Systems By neatcom

What Safe Systems Are Required?

Items that comply with the London lorry scheme include:

  • A nearside blind spot camera system
  • A side detection system with audible alarm to alert the driver that there is an obstacle on the near side, i.e. cyclist or pedestrian.
  • An audible vehicle warning “Caution, this vehicle is turning left” or (For left-hand drives) “Caution, this vehicle is turning right”

Included in this kit:

Essential safety equipment from neatcom

neatcom have all the expertise and equipment to ensure your fleet is operating as safely as possible. We’re the experts in large fleet roll-outs.

Camera Monitoring Systems

‘A fully operational camera monitoring system fitted to the nearside of the vehicle.’

V7” MONITOR NC-MON-7 Digital LCD Monitor

ANTI-SHOCK RUGGED CAMERA, side-view camera

High quality camera monitor systems that offer blind spot coverage at a cost-effective price.

Sensor System

‘A sensor system that alerts the driver to the presence of a vulnerable road user fitted to the nearside of the vehicle.’

Sensors on rigid vehicles should ensure coverage size metres down the nearside or one metre from the rear of the vehicle, whichever is smaller. Sensors should not activate in relation to roadside furniture or stationary vehicles. In the case of tractor units, these should be suitably positioned to provide sufficient coverage, but preventing activation solely on articulation of the trailer.


4 sensor system to inform driver of objects within close proximity in the nearside blind spot where cyclists or pedestrians can go undetected. Activated by the left turn indicator.

Warning Alarms

‘Audible vehicle manoeuvring warning to warn vulnerable road users when a vehicle is turning left’


Side turn warning for cyclists/pedestrians. Activates on the left turn indication. A combination of White sound and real-speech.

‘The device should have a manual on/off switch for use between the hours of 11:30pm


neatcom are here to help you get ready for the new DVS legislation with our fully installed Direct Vision Safety equipment for large fleets.

  • Class V mirror fitted to the nearside of the vehicle
  • Class VI mirror fitted to the front of the vehicle
  • Side under-run protection fitted to both sides of the vehicle except where this is impractical or proves to be impossible.
  • External pictorial stickers and markings shall we be displayed on vehicles to warn vulnerable road users of the hazards around the vehicle
  • A sensor system that alerts the driver to the presence of a vulnerable road user fitted to the nearside of the vehicle
  • Audible vehicle manoeuvring warning to warn vulnerable road users when a vehicle is turning left
  • A fully operational camera monitoring system fitted to the nearside of the vehicle

Neatcom Communications has a range of products to help operators meet the requirements of various specifications including the safety system for the Direct Vision Standard. Neatcom’s team of experts work closely with road safety associations to provide the best and most up to date advice. Interpreting various specifications and understanding the terminology can be a minefield for operators. For example, references to ‘shall’, ‘should’ and ‘may’ in the Direct Vision standard depict whether a requirement is mandatory, recommended or permitted and transport managers can be left confused.

Neatcom has provided advice to many OEM and OES suppliers and continues to work with the aftermarket to make sure that vehicles are compliant. In this role, neatcom also ensures products are fitted to maximise their safety potential. For a free no-obligation consultation on the Direct Vision Standard please contact us.

Direct Vision Standard & TFL


At neatcom we have developed a 3 step process that will get you on the road to direct vision compliance.


Find out your star rating today and we can help get your fleet ready for the direct vision standards.

  • Complete the star rating form and we will get back to you with your rating asap!

The rating (0-5) will be based on how the vehicle left the production line and will not take into account any aftermarket safety systems that have been fitted.


If your vehicle is 0 star rated, you must comply with the Safe System which requires the fitting of extra devices for indirect vision.

  • We will audit your fleet and let you know what equipment is required for you to comply with the safe system requirements.


HGVs that are 1-5 star rated will automatically be eligible for a permit but will still need to apply.

  • Neatcom will work with you to achieve compliance for your whole fleet. Yes that even means handing over the paperwork to our team of compliance specialists!